Scene analysis: from Citizen Kane (1941)

Scene analysis: from Citizen Kane (1941) 4shots from the ending scene, Kane’s all stuff is threw out into the fire. LS, high angle, straight on. The camera is scanning all Kane’s stuff with normal speed and a man picks the slid in the middle of other stuff belonged to Kane. MLS, shot slightly from high […]

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Scene analysis: from Citizen Kane (1941)

4shots from the ending scene, Kane’s all stuff is threw out into the fire.


In the ending scene, we are becoming aware what the word ‘rosebud’ and the main point of this film. Kane possesses everything but nothing to have in his last moment. To possess wealth is not everything.


In the beginning of the scene the camera is scanning all his stuff with long-take shots and stops the slid that he played with in his childhood. A man throws out the slid in the fire and the slid is blazed with others belonged to Kane. The camera zooms in the slid and on the word ‘rosebud’ and then fade-out. After that, the camera shows black smog and tilts down to the wire entanglements. There is the sign ‘No trespassing’.


By examining the black smog shot, we can see Kane’s lonely last moment. It contains all the message of the film that everything can disappear as the smog so money is not all of our life. Kane did every ways he could do for succeed even that was wrong. However, his last part of life is definitely nothing.


Like the smog in the ending, the goal that we wish to achieve may be superficial. Kane may have needed a person whom he loved and loved him not just his wealthy achievements. These scenes make us think again what the wealthiest achievement in our life.

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